Exprésate Textbook Practice Sites
Spanish 1, Chapters 1-10

Esprésate Website - Use this site to get access to your textbook and workbook! You can also use the video clips and self tests to practice what we're learning. You'll need the username and password I gave you!

Ven Conmigo Textbook Practice sites (Spanish I):
Cap. 1 Web Tutoring Cap. 5 Web Tutoring
Cap. 2 Web Tutoring Cap. 6 Web Tutoring
Cap. 3 Web Tutoring Cap. 7 Web Tutoring
Cap. 4 Web Tutoring Cap. 8 Web Tutoring

Places to visit:
España (Spain) Ecuador Mexico4kids
México La Florida
Puerto Rico Texas

Spanish study sites:
Uni.edu AR Verbs El alfabeto
York University Practice Personal Pronouns Los números
Colby Spanish Practice SpanishFlashcards Los objetos de la clase
Ven Conmigo Website LearnSpanish.com Los colores
SpanishAbout.com StudySpanish.com El reloj
Gramática Ser / Estar El cuerpo
Quia Basics & more Spanish Greetings
Spanish 4 Kids Verb Forms Enchantedlearning.com
La familia Boot Verbs

Accent marks, tildes and punctuation:
Printable copy
Another possibility

Translation sites These are not full proof.
They're not fool proof either. ;)
AOL Translator
Free Translation

Mexican Holidays
Mexican Independence (Sept. 16, 1810)

Day of the Dead Information:
Navidad (Christmas) Information:
Mexico Connect
Navidad Latina
Spain's Christmas
Santa Tracking Website

Cinco de mayo Information:
Viva Cinco de mayo

Salsa Flan
Breakfast Tacos Postre de Mango
Tacos Arroz con leche
Cheese Enchiladas Empanadas
Chicken Quesadillas

Los deportes:
ESPN Deportes
NBA en Español
Mesoamerican Ballgame

Justo Lamas
AOL Latin Songs

Nuestros Amigos:
Buster.gif Buster
Sesame_Street.gif La Plaza Sésamo Muzzy.jpg Muzzy

Maya_y_Miguel.gif Maya y Miguel dora-vid.jpg Dora