Be a Successful Second Language Learner
Learning a second language is a new experience for many students and their parents. Our goal is for students to become proficient in the use of the language by the end of the high school experience. The following are some ways to help your son or daughter at home:
  • Make flash cards to practice vocabulary words. Whenever possible, put a picture on one side with the Spanish word on the other side.
  • Use Spanish in everyday language as much as possible.
  • Read product labels, signs and directions written in spanish.
  • Have a study buddy to call for practice, explanations and to study together.
  • Use a recorder to record vocabulary or sentences and play them back to listen for correct pronunciation.
  • Practice speaking Spanish with native speakers in the community.
  • Use print resources such as textbooks and bilingual dictionaries to answer questions when a teacher is not available.
  • Spanish reading assignments:
    • Skim the material before diving in.
    • Try retelling or paraphrasing the story to someone in order to check your understanding and identify the main idea.
  • Use the internet to visit textbook websites Ven Conmigo Level 1 and other appropriate websites in the target language.
  • Review daily classwork and homework with your child.

The "12 Things I Wish My Students Knew" study tips for ANY class.

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