This page is a detailed review of the chapters in ¡Ven conmigo! (An older version of Exprésate) This will be revised in time. :)

Preliminary Chapter
Los nombres (names)
Boy names
Girl names

**El alfabeto**
Practice listening to El alfabeto
**Los colores**
Los números
List of numbers
More numbers
Games withe numbers
**Spanish Basics**
//¿Puedo..? Poster//

Chapter 1
Primer Paso
Greetings vocabulary (pg. 21)
Introduction vocabulary (pg. 22)
**Punctuation** information (pg. 23)
Another option
Printable Version for Punctuation
How are you? vocabulary (pg. 24)
Subject pronouns (yo / tú) (pg. 25)

Segundo Paso
Asking age vocabulary (pg. 27)
Numbers vocabulary (0-30) (pg. 27)
Where are you from? vocabulary (pg. 28)
The verb "ser" (pg. 28)
**Question words** (pg. 30)

Likes and dislikes vocabulary (pg. 32)
Sports, music, food & classes vocabulary (pg. 32)
Nouns and definite articles (the) (pg. 33)

Chapter 2
Primer Paso
School materials vocabulary (pg. 47)
Classroom Supplies Flash Cards
Indefinite articles (a, an, some) (pg. 47 & 49)
Quiz on articles
Wants and needs vocabulary (pg. 48)
Making nouns plural (pg. 48)
Subject pronouns (él / ella) (pg. 50)

Segundo Paso
Bedroom items vocabulary (pg. 52)
Describing bedroom items vocabulary (pg. 53)
Mucho and cuánto (pg. 54)

Tercer Paso
What you need / want to do vocab. (pg. 56 & 57)
The verbs comprar, poner & conocer (pg. 57)
Numbers vocabulary (31-199) (pg. 58)

Chapter 3
Primer Paso
School classes vocabulary (pg. 75)
Plural definite articles (the) (pg. 75)
Quiz on articles
Talking about classes & sequencing events (pg. 76)
Telling Time vocabulary (pg. 77 & 78)
More time practice.
Practice time pronunciation.
More practice with a time quiz.

Segundo Paso
What time something happens vocabulary (pg. 80)
Class Schedule
Showing possession with "de" (pg. 81)
Being late or in a hurry vocabulary (pg 82)

Tercer Paso
Describing people and things vocabulary (pg. 84)
Adjective vocabulary (pg. 84)
The verb "ser" (pg. 84)
"Vota por Pedro" Poster
-Click here to see mine in English and the instructions.
-HINT! Start the paragraph with,
"Debes votar por ___ porque ..."
Adjective agreement (pg. 85)
Things you like (gustar) and why vocab. (pg. 87)
More practice with **gustar (like)**
Activities vocabulary (pg. 87)
¿No? ¿Verdad? (pg. 88)

Chapter 4
Primer Paso
¿Qué te gusta hacer?(pg. 101)
Activities vocabulary (pg. 101)
Discussing free time vocabulary (pg. 102)
Activities vocabulary (pgs. 103)
**AR verbs** (pg. 102)
Pracitce with AR verbs
More practice with AR Verbs
jugar (o-ue boot verb) (pg. 102)
Practice with jugar
¿Qué haces...(pg. 102)
con = with (pg. 104)
que = that, which or who (pg. 105)

Segundo Paso
Where people and things are Vocab. (pg. 106)
4-2 Flash Cards
Places and proximities vocabulary (pg 107)
ESTAR = to be (pg. 106)
Subject Pronouns (pg. 109)

Tercer Paso
Vocabulary (pg. 111)
**Ir = to go** -(pg. 111)
voy vamos
vas vais
va van
Vocabulary - Days (pg. 112)
on Monday... = el lunes...
on Mondays... = los lunes...

Chapter 5
Primer Paso
How often (frequency) vocabulary (pg. 129)
Negation vocabulary (pg. 129)
¿Quién? and ¿Quiénes? (pg. 130)

Segundo Paso
Vocab. and Likes and dislikes using gustar (pg. 132)
more gustar
gustar with practice
Activity vocabulary (pg. 133)
Nota gramatical box (pg. 133)
-er and -ir verbs (pg. 134)
(-ar, -er and -ir verbs)
(More verb practice!)
Weekly activities vocabulary (pg. 135)
**5-2 Notes** Worksheet

Tercer Paso
Giving the date vocabulary (pg. 138)
Months and seasons vocabulary (pg. 138)
months and seasons
Weather vocabulary (pg. 140)
**5-3 Notes** Worksheet

Chapter 6
Primer Paso
**La familia** vocabulary (pg. 153)
More practice with la familia
Even more practice with la familia
Describing the family vocabulary (pg. 154)
**Possessive Adjectives** (pg. 154)
[[árbol_de_mi_familia.doc|Family Tree]] project

Segundo Paso
Describing people vocabulary (pg. 158)
Practice with Adjectives
(More adjective practice!)
Family Activities vocabulary (pg. 160)
The verb **"hacer"** (pg. 160)
(More "hacer" practice!)
The verb **"salir"** (pg. 160)
Personal a (pg. 161)

Tercer Paso
Problems and advice vocabulary (pg. 164)
The verb "deber" (pg. 164)
Household chore vocabulary (pg. 165)
The verb "poner" (pg. 165)

Chapter 7
Primer Paso
Phone vocabulary (pg. 183)
¿Te gustaría..? (pg. 184)
e to ie verbs (qu**e**rer, preferir, empezar) (pg. 185)
Review of "Boot Verbs"
-go in the Yo form verbs (tener, venir, salir) (pg. 185)
Places vocabulary (pg. 186)
7-1 Flash Cards
7-1 Notes **Worksheet**

Segundo Paso
Vocabulary (pg. 188)
Pensar (pg. 188)
Verbs Worksheet
**ir+a+infinitive** (pg. 188)
More with "ir+a+infinitive" help (scroll down)
Getting ready vocabulary (pg. 190)
**reflexive verbs** (pg. 190)

Tercer Paso
Invitation vocabulary (pg. 193)
Tener phrases (pg. 193)

Chapter 8
Primer Paso
Meals and food vocabulary (pg. 207)
8-1 Flash Cards (pgs. 207 & 209)
Indirect Objects with gustar and encantar (pg. 208)
Practice with gustar and encantar
o to ue verbs (almorzar, poder) (pg. 210)
Review of "Boot Verbs"
Practice with "poder" (can, to be able to)

Segundo Paso
Commenting on food vocabulary (pg. 212)
"ser" and "estar" (pg. 212)
Tener mucha hambre (pg. 213)

Tercer Paso
Polite request vocabulary (pg. 216)
Eating accessories (scroll down) vocabulary (pg. 216)
Food vocabulary (pg. 217)
Restaurant vocabulary (pg. 218)
Number vocabulary from 200 to 100,000 (pg. 219)